Friday, October 2, 2015

Another admin update: links to PDF files

Many links to my own external files were broken when a server was decommissioned last year. It has taken me a long time to find a suitable alternative. I have recently posted a set of PDF files to the Texas Scholar Works (University of Texas Libraries) and provide links below. Alternatively for a complete list under my name, go here. Several of these PDF essays are compilations of posts from this blog.

Analyses of Schubert, Waltz, D.779n13

Dance and Dancing in Schubert's Vienna

Cotillon after Schubert, with audio

Dance Designs in 18th and Early 19th Century Music

Proto-backgrounds in Traditional Tonal Music

Carl Schachter's Critique of the Rising Urlinie

Rising Lines in the Tonal Frameworks of Traditional Tonal Music

Table of Compositions with Rising Lines

Complex upper-voice cadential figures in traditional tonal music

Buelow Contredanses: Rising Lines

Kingsbury Hymns of Praise: Rising Lines

Tonal Frames in 18th and 19th Century Music

John Playford Dancing Master: Rising Lines