Thursday, December 24, 2009

Closed-position textures

Although the "trio" texture associated with the oom-pah left hand figures is by far the most common in Schubert's dances, occasionally (and beginning quite early in his career), he uses a closed voicing in the left hand. In these cases, the stabilizing role comes very much to the fore. Here are a few examples, to be discussed in more detail at another time. The first two appear in a manuscript from 1815, D146n15 in a manuscript from 1823.

D146n3, trio, contrasting middle (the reprise begins in the final two bars of the example):

D146n4, trio. A similar example, D820n2, could not be reproduced here for copyright reasons.

D146n15. This and the next example combine closed position and oom-pah texture: